Buying Service
Buying Service

Buying Servince

Back2eco has started to provide sourcing & buying service since 2012 as lots of our customers don't have budget to travel to China frequently. 
And, that’s why our team has become very professional in buying as our merchandising team has good skills in price negotiation, cost breakdown and sourcing.

Our merchandising team has more than 10-year experience in wood related production and sourcing, and our quality engineers have over 15 years of experience
in production control and quality inspection. 


Back2eco can assist you in buying, sourcing and price negotiation, and we can assist you if you have encountered the following situation:


➢Chinese suppliers can’t communicate well in English

➢Need help to set up a price benchmark

➢Order volume is bit small to match supplier’s MOQ

➢No experience dealing with any Chinese suppliers

➢Encountered quality issue, but the supplier is not willing to take responsibility

➢Plan to switch to a new supplier, but you are not sure about this new supplier's quality level

➢Difficult to negotiate price with current supplier

➢Stuck with current supplier due to certain reasons, but you want to end the deal with reduced cost

You can visit our factory introduction for more information at www.back2eco.com/factory-tour