Contract and Custom Manufacturing
Contract and Custom Manufacturing

Contract and Custom Manufacturing

Why so many overseas buyers, distributers and importers choose to enter a contract with back2eco? 
That’s because Back2eco has rich experience in different wood species fabrication and solid grip on production process control.

Plus, back2eco also provide one-stop-service if our customers want to source other accessories within home and living range. On the other hand, back2eco has advanced
skill sets and stay focus on optimizing production efficiency as well as minimizing costs.Managing production processes, ordering parts and coordinating manufacturing duties is an exhausting and expensive process, and that requires a very strong team to have the right mindset to perform continuous improvement for better pricing.
A contract manufacturer like back2eco does the hard work for you, and we also provide full logistic service that means door-to-door delivery.

Having over 20 years in wood fabrication, back2eco offers contract, OEM & custom manufacturing for kitchenware, living room & bathroom furniture, outdoor planters and office tableware. To minimize our production cost with stable quality, back2eco has a dedicated tooling team to make fixture and tooling which ensures consistant production quality and minimize production waste. 

You can more information about us at https://www.back2eco.com/sourcing-trip-with-clients.