Our Mission
Our Mission
Back2eco is inspired by greener future concept, and our team has a strong commitment to reducing the use of plastic which is jeopodizing sea animal lives and human health condition. Plastics in particular
are one of the biggest threats to our planet because most of them are non-degradable. Driven by producing more environmental friendly household products, we have chosen bamboo, wheat, reed, rattan,
wicker, particle board, MDF, cork and other natural materials as main sources of raw material.
Back2eco is working closely with all clients who really care about animals' habitat and sustainable future for our planet, and we shall say goodbye to microplastics that escape into our oceans and kill sea
animals in a very big scale.  
Let's make a joint efforts to have a balanced development with smallest enviornmental footprint. 



You can find more information abou us at www.back2eco.com/factory-tour.