Elevated Sustainable Material Bamboo Pet Bowls Holder

Item No.: GHX014
This dog and cat bowls Set with slant angle, enables you to freely choose the height in 4" or 5" to fit your pet's use. It is perfect for pets to eat food and drink water, and this considerate height contributes to promoting swallowing.
Overall Size: 48.8*15.8*15.8cm (19.2 x 6.2 x 6.2 inches)
3 ceramic bowls included
Biodegradable, ECO Friendly
Nature Bamboo material
KD package, save freight
Simple Installation
Water resistant
Easy to clean, resistant to high temperature (+100℃) and low temperature
Perfect for pets feeding:
1.Reduce pressure on joints.
2.Promote swallowing.
3.Especially suitable for small-sized elderly pets, or pets with arthritis and cervical disease.

We provide OEM production.
Pls review other pet bowl racks.